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Asthma Courses for pharmaceutical, medical technology & biotechnology personnel

asthma courses

Healthcare Education Services provides Asthma Courses for Open Enrollment & for Private Commission

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Asthma & COPD: An Overview
14-15 March 2017, London, UK

Learn about Healthcare’s Asthma Courses.

Asthma UK estimate that 5.4 million people in the UK are living with asthma and someone experiences a potentially life-threatening asthma attack every 10 seconds. According to the National Review of Asthma Deaths, three people die every day in the UK as a consequence of asthma, but 46% of those deaths could have been avoided if those patients had been better managed in the year before. Healthcare Education Services is committed to supporting pharmaceutical, medical technology & biotechnology industry professionals in their therapy area educational needs. Healthcare Education Services provides Asthma courses for open enrollment or as privately commissioned training.

  • Face-to-face, physician led asthma training programmes are provided by Healthcare Education Services for open enrollment and for private commission.
  • For specific training in Asthma Healthcare work with an individual company to provide a privately commissioned programme ie, an Asthma course that is tailored to suit company need.
  • Asthma courses are developed by Healthcare Education Services specifically to support the educational needs of pharmaceutical, medical technology & biotechnology industry personnel.
  • Expert teaching teams are selected from Healthcare’s wide network of practising physicians. Faculty are commissioned by Healthcare Education Services for their experience and knowledge in asthma and their excellence as teachers and communicators.
  • Healthcare’s asthma teaching faculty consist practising clinicians and experts who share current information and experience, discussing with delegates and answering any questions.
  • Healthcare’s asthma short courses offer delegates and invaluable opportunity to learn rapidly and progressively. Delegates taking part can focus fully on this therapy area learning, gaining expert knowledge alongside industry colleagues.
  • Learning is interactive throughout with ample opportunity for discussion with the teaching team and to have your questions answered.
  • Expert led asthma courses provide an invaluable ‘kick start’ to knowledge in this therapy area

Bespoke Asthma & COPD courses

  • High calibre asthma programmes developed to meet your brand, market and clinical objectives
  • Asthma courses can be held onsite or at a venue of your choice
  • Privately commissioned asthma courses are presented worldwide

To discuss privately commissioned asthma courses for your team, please contact: info@healthcare-ed.com